Billing Information




Mixed Billing

We care about our community’s health and well-being and believe uncompromised healthcare should be available to all Patients through the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Cooloola Coast General Practice is a Mixed Billing Practice and all of our Doctors Bulk Bill to Patients with a current pension concession card, DVA card holders and childrren under the age of 16 years..

Some services/procedures may attract a charge; a comprehensive list of fees is available from our Admin team upon request. 


Private Billing/Additional Fees

Patients who do not hold a current Medicare Card will be billed as a Private Patient.

A list of our most common Private Billing/Additional Fees are as follows: 

  • Standard Consult < 20 minutes, Mon-Fri:  $95.00
  • Extended Consult 20-40 minutes, Mon-Fri:  $155.00
  • Prolonged Consult > 40 minutes, Mon-Fri:  $220.00
  • Commercial Licence:  $170.00 (Medicare rebate NOT available with a commercial license)
  • Dressings*: $20, $50 & $90. This is for patients who have had procedures done externally such as at hospital; or patients with persistent wounds that require longer than usual attention. (*this fee is charged by the Practice, NOT the Doctor) Patients are welcome to bring in their own appropriate dressing
  • Surgery/Dressing Practice fee: $65 ($50 concession card holders) applicable to surgical procedures (not including biopsies) to cover the cost of specialised sutures and dressings
  • Iron Infusion: $80 ($60 concession card holders)
  • Vena Section: $65 ($55 concession card holders)


DVA Gold Card holders are exempt of all fees and charges.

We accept Cash, Debit card and Visa/Mastercard forms of payment.

Consultation types are determined by the Doctor and the reason for the visit.

Some treatments/procedures may also attract a charge; a comprehensive list of fees is available from our Admin team upon request.